We are living in a stressful time in history, making it extra important that we practice self-care as we’re grieving.  The “normal” emotions experienced during grief: anxiety, loneliness, sadness, and anger may be heightened during this time.  It’s easy to be hard on ourselves when we’re grieving.  We tend to judge and shame ourselves, but good self-care is essential to our emotional health.  Practicing self-care is not indulgent, or feeling sorry for yourself, but creating a time to nourish your heart and soul.  Our loved ones want us to take care of ourselves, and in this way we honor and connect with them.  Take time to list three ways that you could practice self-care and aim to do one each day.  Perhaps it’s taking a 15-minute walk outside, listening to music, lighting a candle and focusing on breathing.  Maybe it’s reaching out to a friend, reading a book, or drinking a hot cup of tea.  Whatever it is, give yourself permission to focus on yourself.  With so many things around us that we can’t control, tending to our emotional health is one thing we can do.  

Author – Lindsy Diener-Locke, Program Specialist