School Programs

School Programs

Ryan’s Place offers a safe group environment, in the school setting, that allows children to join their peers as they walk through their grief journey together, sharing stories and feelings that promote healing and hope.

The impact that a death can have on children and adolescents is profound, affecting multiple facets of their life at home and in the classroom. Children often feel that they are alone in their grief, and they may not be able to attend our Monday night program. We want to provide a healthy outlet for children to cope with their emotions.

About This Program

Ryan’s Place provides a 10-week curriculum tailored specifically for children and teens who have experienced a death, and they are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. They are peer to peer grief support groups led by social workers, professional counselors, interns and trained facilitators. Groups consist of 6-8 children who are no more than three grades apart. We have found that our groups are most effective when the children participating in the groups are within a similar developmental stage. Children who are cognitively and emotionally on par with one another create a more comfortable group environment that promotes cohesion, sharing, and understanding.


Each semester programs may be held in the following school corporations throughout the year:

  • Baugo Community Schools
  • Bashor Children’s Home
  • Concord Community Schools
  • Elkhart Community Schools
  • Fairfield Community Schools
  • Goshen Community Schools
  • Juvenile Detention Center, Elkhart County
  • Middlebury Community Schools
  • Mishawaka Community Schools
  • South Bend Community Schools
  • Union North United School Corporation
  • Warsaw Community Schools
  • Wawasee Community Schools



These groups are designed to help students process their feelings about the death as well as connect with peers who have been through something similar. Without time to grieve and process these children may have difficulty in school, behavior issues, and depression.
Ryan’s Place utilizes a number of therapeutic activities to help with the grieving process. These include sharing stories, art projects, playing music, and journaling. Ryan’s Place school-based grief support program are program are currently provided in four different counties. These groups are provided at NO cost to the schools! All Supplies and materials are provided by Ryan’s Place.

Contact our office at (574) 535-1000 if your school is interested in a school-based group.

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