This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend my uncle’s funeral with other family members.  I recognize that not everyone at this time in history is able to attend their loved one’s funeral, let alone with other family members present.  During our time together it struck me how sacred and important the memories of our loved ones are.  Through our Covid19 safe masks we shared stories, sang songs, and celebrated his life.  Our memories are so important.  They help maintain a bond with our loved ones, remind us of the impact they’ve had on our lives, and bring to light what is truly important in life.  

At Ryan’s Place we spend a lot of time focused on memories.  Naming them.  Sharing them.  Honoring them.  We make memory collages, memory key chains, memory boxes, memory lanterns, memory stones, etc… What is one way that you would like to remember your loved one today? I encourage you to write down some of your favorite memories together, make a memory lantern, or help your child make a collage of things that represent your loved one. Laugh together. Cry together. Recognize with your child the ways that your loved one made them feel important.  Name those favorite memories with them.  If you’d like some more ideas of how to name, honor, and share your memories check out the links below.  

Create a ‘I Remember Book’

Memory Lanterns

Memory Bracelet

Memory Grief Collage


Author: Lindsy Diener – Locke, Program Specialist