As April showers bring May flowers, consider planting a memory garden this spring. Memory gardens are a great way to pay tribute to our loved ones. The act of planting and enjoying the garden can bring you comfort and a connection with them.  There’s no right way to make a memory garden.  What makes it significant is what it symbolizes and how it makes you feel when you visit it.  The first task in making a garden is to choose a location for it.  If you’re able to, having a quiet private area will make it feel more peaceful and like a retreat. If you don’t have an available area of land, consider planting a potted garden for your porch or patio. 

Once you have the location, choose plants and features that evoke memories of your loved one. Make sure that you choose plants and flowers that will survive well in the location you plant them. Include symbolic flowers or colors. Get creative. Paint your own rocks or figures. Add little personal items from your loved one’s daily life. You may consider adding a memorial stone or bench. Birdbaths and feeders are also commonly used as garden focal points. Some people choose to use water and lighting, adding to the contemplative nature of their garden. If an entire garden isn’t your style, even a single tree or plant can bring you a way of remembering and paying tribute to your loved one. Below are some photos and a video link to jumpstart ideas. Happy planting!

Author – Lindsy Diener-Locke, Program Specialist