When we are grieving, it is often hard to stay in the present moment. Guided mediation and yoga are two ways we can relax, distract and center ourselves in the present moment. Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing meditation or yoga for a while, there are some great resources in the community, at your local library or on-line to help you in your practice, but seeing as we are practicing social distancing, we’ll have to stick to those we can find apps on our smartphone or websites online.

Here are some ideas of where to start: 

  • Headspace – Headspace is one of the most well-known mediations apps out there.  It offers a free version and the ability to upgrade. 
  • Calm – Calm is great for beginners, but also has options for the more advanced.  It includes a library of relaxing sounds and scenes, mediations, and ‘bedtime stories’ to help you fall asleep.
  • Smiling Guide – Smiling Guide is a free mediation app developed by professionals with programs for every age.  This is a great one to help kids deal with everyday stress and anxiety or larger stressful events.
  • Insight Timer – Insight Timer is a free app and that offers mediation sessions, relaxing music tracks, and a section for kids.
  • Aura – Aura is a great app for those with limited time.  It offers three-minute sessions and 30-second anxiety busters. It has a free trial, so you can try it before you commit. 
  • Inscape – Inscape has a free trial period and offers guided meditations, sleep sessions, stress reducers and playlists designed for the specific emotions you’re coping with. 

If YouTube is more your thing, then check out:

  • Guided Meditation for Grief and Healing
  • Coping with Grief: Guided Spoken Meditation for healing after a loss of a loved one
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – Combining mindfulness, yoga, and interactive adventures


Author – Lindsy Diener-Locke, Program Specialist