Being stuck at home without the ability to see friends, classmates, or family can be very difficult for children and can lead to many different emotions. Some of these emotions may not be positive and can lead to tension and problems within the home. When negative emotions come around, it can be helpful for children, and even adults, to have something to focus on to help take their mind off what is causing the negative emotions and allow them to calm down. Today’s craft is simple, made with everyday items, and provides an easily accessible tool for children and adults to use to help them re-center and calm down.


Large Water Bottle or Jar (about 850 mL/28 oz)

Warm Water

Clear Hand Soap


Craft Gems, Beads, Sequins, etc.

Glue Gun


First, empty and clean the water bottle or jar and remove any labels that may be attached to the outside.

Once the bottle is clean fill it with ¾ cup warm water (warm water helps the soap mix better and does not clump up).

Next, put any decorations into the bottle you wish (ex: glitter, gems, bead, sequins, small toys or figurines).

Fill the rest of the bottle up with clear hand soap. The bottle works best when there is no air and minimal bubbles so make sure you fill it all the way to the top.

Put the lid on the bottle and shake it up. Make sure you are happy with the way that it looks. If not, add more decorations or food coloring to make it the way you want.

After you are happy with the way the bottle looks use a hot glue gun to secure the lid to the bottle so that it doesn’t come off when shaking or leak through the opening.

Now you have a fun sensory tool to help when feeling negative emotions and provide a distraction that will hopefully lead to feeling calm.

Author: Peyton Petty, Program Coordinator

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