This past Monday, April 6th, Ryan’s Place held it’s very first virtual grief support group for adults using the zoom platform. This was a huge step for us as an organization because it now allows us to continue to provide services while we continue to social distance. This is a very new frontier for our staff and facilitators and we appreciate how dedicated all of our facilitators have been as we get this new program started.

When Ryan’s Place opened its doors on January 28, 2002, founders Rex and Nancy Gleim did not imagine that Ryan’s Place would ever be offering digital groups. Since opening, Ryan’s Place has helped over 14,000 children teens and families find hope and healing with our in-person grief support groups. When the recent pandemic hit we knew that this service was needed in our community, now more than ever! While we were initially apprehensive to start online groups we are now excited to expand our online offerings to our teen and children’s groups. Fun Fact:

Nancy Gleim not only facilitated the very first Ryan’s Place group in 2002, she also facilitated the very first zoom group this past Monday! She has definitely jumped into a new frontier that was initially outside of her comfort zone!

We will now be offering zoom groups for all of our adult support groups every other Monday evening from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. We are also planning to start hosting short zoom meetings for our children and teen groups as well. If you would like to be a part of one of our groups please email Laurenne at [email protected].

Author – Laurenne Hamlin, Program Director