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Hope for the Holidays

Our 2017 Holiday Letter was recently sent out and this year we shared the story of an impressive and articulate young lady named Chelsea. Chelsea started coming to Ryan's Place when was 7 years old after the death of her father Darrel who died in a motorcycle...

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Rules At Impact: How to Survive Early Grief

At Ryan's Place, we are considered the "experts" in grief, but we may not always have the answers and yet many times one finds us while looking for answers and support soon after the death of a loved one. We found this "self-care" infographic at Refuge in Grief, a...

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Children Learn What it Means to Leave a Legacy

Written by Laurenne Hamlin After the death of a loved one, children are often overwhelmed with many different feelings. Children often struggle as they think about their deceased loved ones, and those memories can be painful. One of the things that we work on at...

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A Look Back on 2016

It’s 2017. It’s hard to believe that a new year is here. As we look ahead, it’s important to let you know how thankful we are for your support, service and encouragement. 2016 flew by. We started the year preparing for what was our 13th Annual Ryan’s Place Gala, which...

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Is There a Right Way to Grieve?

We talk about death and grieving everyday at Ryan's Place. We support grieving children, teens and their families...it's part of our mission statement. We are the experts in grief...right?! Then it happens to one of us, and all of a sudden we are swept up in our own...

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Reinforcement in the Aftermath of Suicide by LaRita Archibald

Ryan’s Place, like many of you, follows several blogs looking for inspiration in the midst of grief and often unanswered questions. The Gift of Second, is a blog for those that have lost a loved one to suicide and offers hope, encouragement, understanding and community. Here is their latest post that we found inspiring. Hope you do too!

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First Annual Camp Hope Was A Huge Success!

This summer, Ryan’s Place launched Camp Hope, a day camp for grieving children ages seven through fourteen. Ryan’s Place has had camps in the past but this was a reinvention of previous camps complete with a new name and a new format. The camp was open to any second...

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8 Myths of Children and Grief

Myth #1: Children do not grieve, or only grieve when they reach a certain age.
Fact: Children grieve at any age. The way grief is expressed depends on the child’s age, development, and experience.

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